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The footpath is ridiculously narrow on such a busy road.

No pavement here and very narrow pavement on the other side of the road. Dangerous to cross the road here coming from Queens Lane

Path behind hop kiln to Talbot Road could be better marked to avoid pedestrians trying to talk aim area on Weydon Lane with no pavement

Path poorly maintained particularly where is separates from the road. Unusable with buggy

This is shared by pedestrians accessing sports fields but not wide enough for both.

This is a very dangerous crossing as there is not enough visibility to see cars coming from Farnham who often are above the speed limit. Suggest the crossing move to the other side of Monkton Lane junction or have road signal alternating … [more]

Pavement overgrown making it difficult to walk just 2 abreast. If maintained it should be fine

The pavement needs to be wider - at the moment it is overgrown with nettles and brambles. However, if widened it could incorporate a cycle strip. This pavement serves 3 schools - All Hallows, Heathend and William Cobbett. Removing the grass … [more]

Heath Lane has no pavements and is used by schoolchildren from Upper Hale, but also by vehicles avoiding Upper Hale Road. This road needs at least one pavement to be safe.

This section has very narrow pavements on both sides, and is used every day by schoolchildren, some walking in from Aldershot. Please provide a wider, safer pavement before trying to introduce a cycle path, even a shared use one.

Pavement too narrow for buggies/wheelchairs. Widen pavement

Crossing point from footpath on Upper Hale Road to footpath on Lawday Link is very close to junction. Traffic turning from westbound on UHR have no line of sight. Extend pavement down Lawday Link so pedestrians can cross further from the … [more]

Narrow pavement with slope into road dangerous for wheeling. Widen pavement and improve camber.

Traffic too fast and pavements very narrow in most of Upper Hale Road. Traffic calming or 20mph speed limit needed.

20 mph from here down Farnborough Road, down Upper Weybourne Lane, along Alma Way

Parked cars are the only protection for pedestrians from sometimes very fast moving traffic. Some residents avoid this, their main route to and from the village, as it is so dangerous. Removing the right to park to widen the pavements would … [more]

Alternative position for needed pedestrian crossing to tie in with existing pathway link across the road

This footpath is used every day morning and evening by school children yet it does not appear on all the maps as a public right of way, and is not regularly maintained. It has a no cycling sign at both ends but is regularly used by mounted … [more]

Pavement too narrow to be safely used by wheelchair and mobility scooter users. Junction with Lea Close surrounded by cars makes it impossible to cross. Pavement improvements and clear road markings to prevent the junction being blocked … [more]

Pavement needed in both locations If the road is too narrow then a pedestrian crossing would be helpful

Very narrow section of footway on tight bend at the junction with Beam Hollow with the section up to Bricksbury Hill. Could be widened if possible

Please can you make this walking route continuous, there is a gap in this area and a need for an informal crossing point as a minimum across Hurtlands Close to create a safe walking route from Badshot Lea to the businesses on the trading … [more]

Please can options to create a continuous walking route on the south side of Badshot Lea Road be considered - working with the Garden Centre I am sure this would be possible and would increase active travel potential

There is no pavement in this area and it is double yellow lines, however the school bus drops off at this location. Please consider options to create a pavement to create a safe walking route from the bus stop to the schools and businesses … [more]

Vehicles are now permanently parked on the pavements in this area, this is a key walking route from Aldershot to the schools on Weybourne Road. Please consider parking restrictions and / or wider pavements

Having a refuge on this junction that can be used by those with pushchairs would significantly increase the safety of this key walking route down to the Town Centre along Folly Hill

Need a crossing point here and a narrower carriageway for traffic calming to allow residents to cross directly from the south of Upper Hale Road to the Family Centre, Youth Club, Community Centre and School

There is clearly a walking desire line on this side of the Upper Hale Road where there is currently no pavement. Adding this missing section of pavement would significantly contribute to active travel and allow children from the West of … [more]

Missing section of pavement and walking route that is clearly a desire line based on the condition of the verge. Connecting the two footpaths together would create a continuous walking route, encouraging active travel for children going to … [more]

Missing section of pavement and walking route that is clearly a desire line based on the condition of the verge. Connecting the two footpaths together would create a continuous walking route, encouraging active travel for children going to … [more]

Need a crossing here and traffic calming to allow children to cross the road to encourage more active travel

Hale Reeds is one of the main entrances into Heath End school. Suggest create a segregated cycling and walking route along the southern edge of this green space with ideally a formal crossing point on the Farnborough road to support … [more]

Many children from Sandy Hill Estate walk to the Schools on Weybourne Road along this route needs a proper crossing and some kind of pavement or prescribed walking route along Heath Lane

The pathway design means that all cyclists have to get off and walk around the corner or risk mowing people down

Cars parked on the pavement making it impossible to walk on pavement.

The pavement between the grade II listed buildings is far too narrow to be safe and is a key pedestrian route. Please can you look to widen the pavement by making this a one way at a time junction and reducing the carriageway width

The pavement is very narrow along large sections of the Upper Hale Road which is an extremely busy road used by lots of pedestrians the pavement needs to be widened and a crossing is needed

Bad signage on footpath

Bad signage on footpath

Bad signage on footpath

Bad signage on footpath

Reduce speed of traffic on this narrow rat run to Farnham

Reduce speed of traffic on this narrow rat run to Farnham

Wonderful area for walkers, runners & cyclists

Some kind of cycle way and traffic calming desperately needed here. Children cycle to Rodborough school down this busy road with no provision for bikes. The pavement is also narrow and inadequate and inaccessible. Proper lit pedestrian … [more]

Major route into town from the south , busy with motor traffic so hostile to cyclists. Pop up cycle lane needed both ways along length of Portsmouth Road from Ockford Road to Church Road Milford.

Main route into town from the south, Milford, Witley etc. But hostile for cyclists as very busy with motor traffic. Pop up cycle lane on at least part of this stretch would help.

This roundabout is very hostile for cyclists from any approach. Pop up cycle lanes would help. Possibly Bridge Road into the relief road and The Burys into Bridge Road.

There is a private sign at the start of the start of the cycle route which says access on foot only. This is confusing and needs to be removed.

Need well-surfaced pavement for cyclists on the hill section of this fast traffic road

Cross bornder route from Aldershot to All Hallows Secondary School with pelican upgraded to toucan crossing. PCT shows high commuter and school travel propensity to cycle here.

Farnham's one way system blocks access through the town, a 2-way cycle track along South Street wodl safely by-pass that, avoiding pedestrian and motor vehicle conflicts

Downs Link Cycleway from Cranleigh to Bramley should be surfaced so it can be used by all bikes year round (not just MTBs), similar to Bramley to Peasmarsh section.

Path too narrow for (dog) walkers and cyclists to share. Widen to 2.5 metres with either two tone tarmac, or rustic signs to remind cyclists to stay on north side of path and pedestrians on the south.

Filter/merge West-East traffic with traffic turning R off Downing street so that runs smoothly and turn the passage from Borough down through Borelli Yard to Central Car Park Victoria Road to Downing St. Or vice versa.

Motorists rush to pass green lights on pedestrian crossing. Give way sign causes large tailbacks on Downing Street, gassing cyclists and pedestrians, making shopping unpleasant.

Make Godalming High Street a two-way cycle path

Speed enforcement cameras and pavement widening urgently required. Despite 30mph limit, cars and lorries frequently do double this along this road. Observing the existing 30mph automated warning sign over 30 minutes in the middle of the day … [more]

Pedestrianise central Farnham, but still allow existing traffic for shops to enter/exit central car park. Access for deliveries only outside of 0800-1800

Very low cycling to the school due to lack of segregated cycling.

Traffic using it as a cut through to avoid queues at the Street/School Hill roundabout. This round has no pavement and is a very narrow lane, which makes walking and cycling very dangerous. Ideally make no through road and block in the … [more]

The shared use cycle / pedestrian paths finish just after the Shepherd and Flock, forcing cyclists onto the road at a busy junction. A cycleway should flow through to the town centre

Cycle lane is taken onto pavement to avoid pinchpoint at islands and immediately re-joins carriageway which is unsafe for cyclists. Take marked cycle lane through pinchpoint such that motor vehicles intrude into marked cycle lane thereby … [more]

Footpath needs upgrade to cycle track - would link tilford to Farnham

The alleyway that connects to the station and the shops in Farncombe Street is desperately narrow. It's not properly wide enough to serve its current function as a footpath. It needs to be wide enough for wheelchair users and people on … [more]

A route is needed to enable pedestrians and cyclists to comfortably and safely cross the park to get to the leisure centre and school where there is no regular bus service. (Almost all of the bus services stop here on Portsmouth Road.)

Cycleway shared with pedestrians....too narrow for pedestrians only let alone pedestrians plus cyclists...esp bad behind six bells pub... pedestrians and cyclists need their own spaces not shared dangerous

The High Street is an essential through-route north / south. The alternatives are either hostile or not available due to one-way streets and much longer routes. The High Street should be closed to motor traffic during the day time and … [more]

Cyclists can only ride one way which means that to get to the High Street they have to ride on Flambard Way or down the Burys, both either hostile to cyclists or a long way round or both. Contra-flow cycling is needed here

This stretch of road is part of the route linking Farncombe and Godalming. There is no direct alternative. The road is very busy with motor traffic and narrow. Space on this road needs to be re-allocated to cycling.

Not enough time to cycle over bridge before lights change. Widen pavement and make dual use.

Clear the vegetation from the existing path alongside the bypass to provide a cycle path that avoids the town

By the wall, wide part of pavement

This is by Pets at Home - but Halford's has no parking. This is the only place the landlord might consider it. Former bins area.

Covered, to show drivers that they have an option. There is ample parking next door at the sports centre, though they will want their clients to use it.

Taking one taxi space? Right next to small family run cafe with proper cyclist fayre!

This is a nice cut through to Castle Street - cafes, resturants. Past Cafe Zizi's passageway.

One car parking space

Private, but an easy walk into Castle street past a restaurant

Inside the Conservative Club car park, 2 car bays could provide 5 stands, preferably covered.

Opposite slug and lettuce pub, Oxfam, near WHS and the Gorge Cafe - popular with students. The new development warrants bike parking.

This development will be alive with new houses and cinemas etc. Not precise about the exact location as it's not finished yet and I don't have the plans.

Remove on street parking to give more room for cycling - allows widening of footway for pedestrians. needs to be done for the whole length

Halford's doesn't have any parking. It's not their fault it's the landlord's. Covered parking here please!

Lidle already has 'butterfly'/ wheel bender parks but they are too narrow for mountain bikes and angled such that your bike sticks out in the way of cars. Should take up two car bays at front of shop, nearest exit.

Beginning/end of North Downs way, 100 metres walk from the Lamb pub where there is no room for parking. There are many railings here already, but covered parking would be a great incentive for people to spend a long time in the Maltings/ … [more]

Sainsbury's currently has zero provision for cyclists. 3 car bays near the exit, could be used for sheltered cycle parking.

Right near Farnham Maltings and Borelli's walk, near council building, C.A.B., churches,

There is a little zone with double yellow lines and another area with a parking sign. Both of these could be used. Beautiful location by St Andrew's church.

This is right next to a bus stop for those cyclists who can't make it up the hill to play golf. Use two bays of car parking.

Sheltered in a nicely tiled secure, wooden strucure to keep with the natural feel of the park

There are 3 pillars here under a shelter, but it's not an official bike park. This would offer the new residents of Folly Heights and those of Upper Hale/Folly Hill, a nice walk through the park into town.

Ample space where cars park now. Existing parking could be residents' only, 3 car bays diagonally could allow for 8 sheffield stands - possibly with an attractive tiled roof to keep with character of street. Benefit to cafes and restaurants … [more]

Mosaic Court, behind Boots, great for employees or customers, nice shady circular bench. Perhaps could feature pop up cafe/gelateria?

Already covered by trees, central, close access to Borough - cafes, shops. Again residents benefit from cleaner, less noisy vehicle action under their windows.

Waggon Yard should lead the way in encouraging cycle parking. In this location, houses benefit from no diesel as vehicles arriving and leaving here are clean, and cycles benefit from increased vigilance from neighbours.

Sheltered stands giving parking for 20 bikes. Giving access to Hoops Velo, Slug and Lettuce pub etc. and whole new housing development at Woolmead.

4 diagonal Sheffield Stands at entrance to Waggon Yard, then another 9 close to the houses near Ashgate Gallery

Sheltered in front of the disused Post Office building right in the heart of town, off the pavement.

Create a crossing point to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the A3 and gain access to Lee Coach Road. Currently there is a continuous section of Armco barrier preventing this.

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